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Accurate prediction of growth of undesirable organisms (e.g., Pseudomonas fluorescens) in perishable foods (e.g., milk), held under sub-ideal storage conditions, can help ensure the quality and safety of these foods at the point of consumption. In this investigation, we inoculated sterile milk with P. fluorescens (~10(3) cfu/mL) and monitored inoculum(More)
The effect of flexibility and initial curvature of moving plates in parallel-plate MEMS capacitors are investigated. A parallel-plate-based MEMS tunable capacitor with extended tunability and linear capacitance-voltage (C-V) response is introduced. The design combines the flexibility and curvature of the electrode with an array of mechanical stoppers to(More)
A novel fishbone-shape parallel-plate-based capacitor with high tunability and linear C-V response is presented. The electrodes consist of a set of lateral cantilever beams of different lengths, attached to a longitudinal fixed-fixed beam. An insulating layer prevents contact between the electrodes. When a DC voltage is applied, the longitudinal and lateral(More)
Microstructures with flexible and stretchable properties display tremendous potential applications including integrated systems, wearable devices and bio-sensor electronics. Hence, it is essential to develop an effective method for fabricating curvilinear and flexural microstructures. Despite significant advances in 2D stretchable inorganic structures,(More)
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