M. Shahzad Mughal

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Neural networks have found profound success in the area of pattern recognition. In the recent years there has been use of neural network for speech recognition. In this paper backpropagation neural network has been used for isolated spoken Urdu digits recognition. Mel frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCC) has been used to represent speech signal.(More)
An environment for exceptionally fast design of FIR and IIR filters by pushbutton and easy drag-and-drop manipulations is described. Filter gain and phase credentials are immediately available to the designer, along with the facility to simply sketch the desired filter characteristics. The design flow for a specimen complex FIR and IIR realization of an(More)
A Simulink-based block diagram modelling environment is described which makes investigation of demanding DSP concepts such as FIR matched filtering easy and fun. Users interact with the experiment to a remarkable degree, watching scope displays while tuning parameter values or moving sliders to effect model changes during run time in a dynamic fashion.(More)
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