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This paper proposes a group decision-making process by using multi-objective programming to address three-dimensional concurrent engineering (3D-CE) problems involving product, process and supply chain design. This paper uses opinion of decision makers to evaluate of the candidate suppliers and to determine importance of criteria by considering lack(More)
Supplier selection is one of the most important activities in supply chain management. Aim of this process is to find suppliers which have the most compatible specifications with buyer`s requirements. This study develops an integrated approach by applying intuitionistic fuzzy set and linear programming technique. It uses two indicators to explain supplier’s(More)
In this paper, synchronization of chaotic systems with unknown parameters and unmeasured states is investigated. Two nonidentical chaotic systems in the framework of a master and a slave are considered for synchronization. It is assumed that both systems have uncertain dynamics, and states of the slave system are not measured. To tackle this challenging(More)
There are many features that contribute to the failure or success in the publication of academic research articles. Thematization, rhetorical moves, information structure, lexis and content are among such features. Lexical cohesion pattern which is one of the most important cohesive mechanisms for the actualization of textual coherences is one of the(More)
This paper is an endeavour to depict a holistic image o f theories of politeness ranging from classic theories of politeness to the most up-to-date theories. To this end, the reviews of the social norm view, the conversational maxim v iew, the conversational-contract view, Brown and Levinson’s face-saving view, Arndt and Jannaey’s Supportive face-work and(More)
The present study attempted to pinpoint the relationship between each of the intelligence types and performances on grammar tests, and to find what type of intelligences correlate to better performance on different forms of grammar test. To this end, 50 Iranian junior male and female students, within 23 to 28 of age span majoring in English language(More)
Dynamic economic dispatch (DED) is one of the most significant non-linear problems in power systems. The purpose is determining the optimal power outputs of available generating units in order to meet the load demand subject to satisfying various operational constraints over a certain period of time. In real power systems, the valve-point effects should be(More)
In spite of the crucial importance of textbooks, their increasing development day by day, and their significant effects on saving time, energy, and budgets, only few studies have been done on textbooks evaluation from a critical discourse analysis perspective. This study aimed to analyze and compare the gender representation in Top Notch and Summit series(More)
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