M. Shahbaz Memon

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UNICORE is a European Grid Technology with more than 10 years of history. Originating from the Supercomputing domain, the latest version UNICORE 6 has turned into a general-purpose Grid technology that follows established standards and offers a rich set of features to its users. The paper starts with an architectural insight into UNICORE 6, highlighting the(More)
In the last couple of years, many e-Science infrastructures have begun to offer production services to eScientists with an increasing number of applications that require access to different kinds of computational resources. Within Europe two rather different multi-national e-Science infrastructures evolved over time namely Distributed European(More)
In a distributed grid environment with ambitious service demands the job submission and management interfaces provide functionality of major importance. Emerging e-science and grid infrastructures such as EGEE and DEISA rely on highly available services that are capable of managing scientific jobs. It is the adoption of emerging open standard interfaces(More)
The provision and processing of information in an e- Science environment are essential tasks. For this purpose, most environments provide information services which aggregate data from different information sources and make it available to users and other services. In this paper we present CIS, an extensible information service with an underlying unified(More)
In recent years, the Virtual Organization Membership Service (VOMS) emerged within Grid infrastructures providing dynamic, fine-grained, access control needed to enable resource sharing across Virtual Organization (VOs). VOMS allows to manage authorization information in a VO scope to enforce agreements established between VOs and resource owners. VOMS is(More)
The term `big data analytics' emerged in order to engage in the ever increasing amount of scientific and engineering data with general analytics techniques that support the often more domain-specific data analysis process. It is recognized that the big data challenge can only be adequately addressed when knowledge of various different fields such as data(More)
BACKGROUND Cholera is an important infectious cause of secretory diarrhea. The primary symptom of infection is the sudden onset of watery diarrhea with subsequent volume depletion causing renal insufficiency. The objective of this research is to study the level of dehydration at presentation and subsequent fluid management in patients with cholera. (More)
Certain scientific use cases possess complex requirements to have Grid jobs executed in collections where the jobs' request contains only some variation in different parts. These scenarios can easily be tackled by a single job request which abstract this variation and can represent the same collection. The Open Grid Forum (OGF) standards community modeled(More)