M Sh Vaĭnberg

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The paper is concerned with the principles of systematization and classification of radiation therapy, approaches to the regulation of its terminology. They are based on the distinction of the concepts of radiation therapy and irradiation of patients. The author gives a concise historical review of improvement of the methodology of radiation therapy in the(More)
Semiautomatic contact contour plotter is designed to cope human body sections in supine position. Its operating principle and a design are presented. Experimental tests have shown that the error in contour plotting does not exceed 1--2 mm. It is useful in planning radiation therapy.
In radiotherapy a dosimetric method is used nowadays to control the magnitude of the radiation axis deviation from the isocenter (RL) of a gamma-beam therapeutic apparatus (gamma BTA). However, the use of the method requires special costly equipment. Besides, it is fairly laborious. The dosimetric method does not permit the measurement of the distance(More)