M. Serry Taha

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The objective was to examine the hypothesis that primary unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss might be associated with an inappropriate immunologically mediated response to progesterone and/or estrogen. This prospective study included 47 women with two or more documented consecutive early pregnancy losses of unknown etiology, and no previous history of(More)
Quinolino[2,1-b]quinazolines 3 and 4, pyrrolo[2,1-b]quinazoline 5 and various substituted 2-(4chlorostyryl)quinazoline derivatives including: 4-amino derivative 8, 4-hydrazino derivative 9, thiourea derivative 10, thiosemicarbazide derivative 19, 4-benzylidene hydrazinyl derivative 21, 4-amino thiazolidene derivatives 11, 12, 13, 22, imidazoquinazolines 15,(More)
6-aminouracil 1 was utilized to introduce different heterocyclic rings at C-6 position through various synthetic strategies. The synthesized compounds bear rings that are either directly attached to the uracil back bone as in compounds 6, 12a-c and 15, or attached through an amino bridge as compounds 3a-c, 5a, b, 7a, b, 9 and 10, or through an imino bridge(More)
A power system is always subject to unforeseen disturbances of different kinds with a wide spectrum ranging from small kicks in voltages or frequency up to hazardous accidents leading to partial or even complete blackouts. Undoubtly, identification of such disturbances with the appropriate speed; e.g. on real time base, will contribute; to a great extent,(More)
Relative weights of power system's parameters upon its dynamic behaviour during asynchronous perturbation is investigated. The scheme taken is a simple but widely applied. It constitutes a power plant feeding a pool through a transmission system. The generator is provided with a multi-channel excitation regulator, while turbine is provided with a stabilized(More)
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