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A combined algorithm is required to select an optimal set of sensors, satisfying the conditions of coverage and connectivity. Since topological changes have significant impact on the coverage quality, there is a need for dynamic coverage maintenance algorithms. In this paper, an energy efficient distributed connected coverage (EEDCC) algorithm and a set of(More)
The brain is the most complex organ in the human body and it is divided into two hemispheres—left and right. The left hemisphere is responsible for control of the right side of our body, whereas the right hemisphere is responsible for control of the left side of our body. Brain image segmentation from different neuroimaging modalities is one of the(More)
The quality of monitoring offered by the network is the primary issue in sensor applications. Based on the coverage of a target area by deployed sensors, this quality is generally measured. Coverage is the monitoring of each point in the target area by at least one sensor, inside the sensing range. To activate from a previously deployed set of sensors,(More)
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