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Subcutaneous and visceral fat distribution as related to sex, age, and overweight was studied in 130 subjects and 10 women with Cushing's disease. Fat depots were evaluated by computed tomography at one thoracic and one abdominal level. Adipose tissue (density range - 50 to 250 Hansfield units) was highlighted and the fat areas were measured by a laser(More)
Surgical sponges retained after laparotomy represent a diagnostic problem if they cannot be identified by radiopaque markers on standard radiographs. We report on 9 patients from different hospitals with an abdominal gossypiboma 7 days to 21 years after the surgical procedure. Plain radiographs may suggest the diagnosis if a textile foreign body is(More)
Percutaneous ethanol injection (PEI) has recently been proposed as an alternative therapy for toxic thyroid adenomas, instead of conventional treatments (pharmacological, surgical and radiometabolic therapies). The aim of this study was to investigate efficacy, complications and prognostic factors of PEI treatment in a group of 74 patients, 14 men and 60(More)
OBJECTIVES Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) produces a rapid decline in plasma HIV-1 RNA levels with concomitant immune reconstitution. Probably due to the enhanced immune function, shortly after starting HAART, some latent opportunistic infections precipitated. The aim of this study was to illustrate the results of a survey on Cryptococcus(More)
Traumatic hematomas of the adrenal gland are but little known; they are but seldom discussed in literature, and can be demonstrated only by US and CT due to their small size. These lesions are mostly located on the right side, probably following a direct trauma of the adrenal parenchyma against vertebral bodies, or as a result of the rupture of medullary(More)