M. Sehran Tatari

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The synthesis is described of an analogue of the locust CRF-like diuretic peptide in which methionine in positions 1,3, and 13 is replaced by isosteric methyl-homoserine residues. This analogue has been tested for biological activity on Malpighian tubules in vitro, and feeding behavior in vivo. It is highly active in stimulating fluid secretion and(More)
INTRODUCTION Schwannomas are well-differentiated solitary benign tumors that originate from the schwann cells of the nerve sheath, constitute 1-8% of all head and neck tumors and 1-4% of the orbital tumors. SUMMARY OF THE CLINICAL CASE A 57-year-old female patient visited our department, because she has a blindness of the right eye associated with an(More)
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