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Two patients with macula damage following sungazing are reported. Visual acuity was damaged, gentle central scotoma in automated perimetry (Octopus) was presented same as lower A wave in ERG and small macular hyperfluorescency in fluorescein angiography. Funduscopy findings were macular changes similar to macular semirupture. In one month all pathologic(More)
The authors observed Wistar rats exposed to the various concentrations of carbon disulphide. They studied as the histological tissue changes as brain GABA and polyamine levels. They found the identical tissue changes in the both exposed groups and changes in the control one. The level of spermine was increased for about 1103% in the brain of animals exposed(More)
The activity of serum angiotensin I converting enzyme (ACE) was determined in 50 workers from a viscose factory in Banja Luka, Yugoslavia, and in 50 control subjects. Activity of serum ACE was significantly lower in workers exposed to carbon disulfide than in the control group. No correlation was found between a decrease of serum ACE in exposed workers and(More)
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