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Ten cases of pheochromocytomae, of which eight were benign and two malignant have been considered. All patients presented with hypertension, either paroxysmal (7 cases) or permanent (3 cases). It is essential to emphasize that the initial symptomatology of these patients on their admission to the hospital was often atypical and misleading: in 2 cases, the(More)
A patient developed a spontaneous communication between the left kidney pelvis and the descending colon following a lithiasic pyonephrosis. Signs of sepsis were present and diagnosis was based on urological findings only. Treatment consisted of left nephrectomy combined with a colectomy and an end-to-end anastomosis of the large intestine. The published(More)
A series of 7 patients (all females) with Cushing's syndrome are presented. The syndrome was due to an adenoma of the cortex in 4 cases, to a carcinoma in 1 and to bilateral adrenal hyperplasia in another. In the 7th patient the cortical hyperplasia was due to a bronchogenic carcinoma (ectopic production of ACTH). Surgery was performed in all patients(More)
The authors discuss the radiological signs in 18 patients with an adrenal tumour. 7 of them had a Cushing's syndrome, 10 others a phaechromocytoma and the last had primary hyperaldosteronism. The diagnosis was made from the history, the clinical picture, hormone estimations and pharmacodynamic tests, whilts in the majority of cases the tumour was localised(More)
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