M. Schreiber

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The purpose of this article is to come up with a valid categorization and to examine the performance and properties of a wide range of h-type indices presented recently in the relevant literature. By exploratory factor analysis (EFA) we study the relationship between the h-index, its variants, and some standard bibliometric indicators of 26 physicists(More)
This article extends the debate initiated by Haslag, Nieswiadomy, and Slottje (1991, 1994) and Gamber and Sorensen (1994) in this journal about whether the net discount ratio can be described as a stationary process. Haslag, Nieswiadomy, and Slottje found discount ratios to be stationary. Gamber and Sorensen concluded that they are nonstationary; however,(More)
Strong international competition makes it necessary for an enterprise to reduce organizational overhead and costs. This goal can be reached by integrating of the available islands of automation. This integration would be facilitated greatly if there were a generally agreed upon architectural structure in which the software modules of the various vendors(More)
This paper presents a new technology/system to supply stand-alone ITS applications along motor- and expressways with electrical energy. The constantly increasing requirement for general mobility, while at the same time ensuring personal safety, requires a broad-based information system, including also the entire network of traffic routes. Focusing on(More)
This paper is about GLASS2, a distributed multimedia system that is currently under development. The multimedia department of the IBM European Networking Center in Heidelberg, Germany, participates in the project along with other industrial and university partners. GLASS is an acronym for GLobally Accessible ServiceS, expressing the system’s wide range of(More)
In July 1979, Oregon Physicians' Service and Providence Medical Center (PMC) entered into a contract that established the Providence Plan, a prepaid health care delivery system. The most innovative feature of the plan is the method of paying for hospital service: PMC is paid a prospectively fixed amount per enrolled person per month to cover the total costs(More)
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