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Eighteen microsatellite loci developed for a range of snake species (New World natricines, elapids, crotalids) were tested against European natricines (Natrix natrix, N. maura, and N. tessellata) in cross-species amplification experiments. Five loci were polymorphic (average expected heterozygosity 0.749 for a population of N. natrix in Amsterdam, mean(More)
We have studied the mechanism of hydrogen storage in the aluminium based metal-organic framework CAU-1 or [Al4(OH)2(OCH3)4(O2C-C6H3NH2-CO2)3] using a complementary multidisciplinary approach of volumetric gas sorption analysis, in situ neutron diffraction and spectroscopy and ab initio calculations. The structure of CAU-1 forms two different types of(More)
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