M. Scherer

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Parametric amplification of vacuum fluctuations is crucial in modern quantum optics, enabling the creation of squeezing and entanglement. We demonstrate the parametric amplification of vacuum fluctuations for matter waves using a spinor F=2 87Rb condensate. Interatomic interactions lead to correlated pair creation in the mF=±1 states from an initial mF=0(More)
Parametric amplification of quantum fluctuations constitutes a fundamental mechanism for spontaneous symmetry breaking. In our experiments, a spinor condensate acts as a parametric amplifier of spin modes, resulting in a twofold spontaneous breaking of spatial and spin symmetry in the amplified clouds. Our experiments permit a precise analysis of the(More)
We analyze the spinor dynamics of a 87Rb F=2 condensate initially prepared in the m(F) = 0 Zeeman sublevel. We show that this dynamics, characterized by the creation of correlated atomic pairs in m(F) = +/-1, presents an intriguing multiresonant magnetic-field dependence induced by the trap inhomogeneity. This dependence is directly linked to the most(More)
We assessed the effects of posted feedback and warning ticket programs on speeding and accidents in two cities. In Experiment 1, speeding feedback signs were effective even when 10 were used in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and reductions in speeding were associated with reductions in accidents. The effectiveness of the signs was correlated with the number of(More)
This paper presents an updated trend analysis of water vapour in the lower midlatitude stratosphere from the Boulder balloon-borne NOAA frostpoint hygrometer measurements and from the Halogen Occulation Experiment (HALOE). Two corrections for instrumental bias are applied to homogenise the frostpoint data series, and a quality assessment of all soundings(More)
Interferometers with atomic ensembles are an integral part of modern precision metrology. However, these interferometers are fundamentally restricted by the shot noise limit, which can only be overcome by creating quantum entanglement among the atoms. We used spin dynamics in Bose-Einstein condensates to create large ensembles of up to 10(4) pair-correlated(More)
Many public transport studies have found that potential passengers consider rail-based public transport to be superior to bus systems. Why is this? Two studies have been completed in Germany and Switzerland in search of explanations for this so-called psychological rail factor. In this article, these two studies are presented and discussed to introduce the(More)
WHO mortality statistics are subject to severe criticism all over the world due to the ICD code, the monocausal evaluation and th inhomogenity of data which are only partially verified by post mortem findings. Despite this fact WHO statistics are the only possibility to compare morality in different areas. In order to prove their reliability we have(More)
The Rochester Institute of Technology is a unique environment; a large number of hearing-impaired students are enrolled on a predominately hearing campus. The authors of this article explored the integration of deaf and hearing students on the campus and the attitudes surrounding deaf-hearing relationships. The major factors that hearing students identified(More)