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This paper describes two folded metamaterials based on the Miura-ori fold pattern. The structural mechanics of these metamaterials are dominated by the kinematics of the folding, which only depends on the geometry and therefore is scale-independent. First, a folded shell structure is introduced, where the fold pattern provides a negative Poisson's ratio for(More)
In this paper we present a novel engineering application of Origami, using it for both the flexibility and the rigidity the folding patterns provide. The proposed Folded Textured Sheets have several interesting mechanical properties. The folding patterns are modelled as a pin-jointed framework, which allows the use of established structural engineering(More)
Bipolar radiofrequency-induced thermofusion has become a widely accepted method successfully used in open and particularly in minimally-invasive surgery for the sealing of blood vessels and tissue of up to several millimeters diameter. Despite its wide-spread application, the thermofusion process itself is not well understood on a quantitative and dynamic(More)
Shoot yield of cucumber plants grown 18 days in nutrient solution with 0.06 mM NH3 was decreased. Root yield was diminished at 0.09 mM NH3 The ammonia treatment caused heavy chlorosis increasing with age of leaves. This chlorosis was not due to any nutrient deficiency. Ammonia also influenced the morphology of roots. They were clearly shorter caused by a(More)
Radiofrequency-induced thermofusion is a frequently used electrosurgical procedure for the sealing of blood vessels. A disadvantage of vessel sealing instruments is that the generated thermal energy spreads to the surrounding tissue and may irreversibly damage it. This is particularly problematic when operating close to sensitive structures such as nerves.(More)
Bipolar electrothermal vessel sealing is a widely used method for the sealing of blood vessels and tissue of up to several millimeters diameter. Despite their wide-spread usage, instruments and generator modes are often traditionally developed and enhanced. A systematic investigation of the thermofusion process and the subsequent derivation of new(More)
Experiments on cucumber plants grown in nutrient solution were conducted in order to study long and short time effects of ammonia on growth, nutrient element uptake and respiration of roots. Shoot yield and potassium concentration in tissue of plants treated 18 days with varied ammonia concentration were decreased. However, it was not assumed that K(More)
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