M. Scala

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  • M Scala, B Militello, A Messina, S Maniscalco, J Piilo, K.-A Suominen
  • 2008
A microscopic derivation of the master equation for the Jaynes-Cummings model with cavity losses is given, taking into account the terms in the dissipator which vary with frequencies of the order of the vacuum Rabi frequency. Our approach allows to single out physical contexts wherein the usual phenomenological dissipator turns out to be fully justified and(More)
  • M Scala, B Militello, A Messina
  • 2005
New physical effects in the dynamics of an ion confined in an anisotropic two-dimensional Paul trap are reported. The link between the occurrence of such manifestations and the accumulation of geometric phase stemming from the intrinsic or controlled lack of symmetry in the trap is brought to light. The possibility of observing in laboratory these(More)
SUMMARY Vasculitic ulcers are caused by numerous disorders and may be chronic if not well treated. Various modalities of treatment, both medical and surgical, are available. We describe the case of a 63-year-old patient with a vasculitic ulcer treated with platelet-derived growth factors and noncultured autologous cell suspension collected by an innovative(More)
We derive the master equation of a system of two coupled qubits by taking into account their interaction with two independent bosonic baths. Important features of the dynamics are brought to light, such as the structure of the stationary state at general temperatures and the behaviour of the entanglement at zero temperature, showing the phenomena of sudden(More)
The impact of major risk factors for stroke on EEG mapping and routine EEG findings was evaluated in volunteers with no clinical signs of cerebrovascular or other neuropsychiatric disease. Focal changes were seen in 22 subjects (30%) by means of EEG mapping, but in only 12 cases (16%) when routine-EEG was used (p < .05). 4/35 (11%) volunteers without RF had(More)
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