M. Sawan

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In this paper, a new design for a voltage-controlled ring oscillator (VCO) is presented. Implemented in 0.8 µm High-Voltage CMOS/DMOS technology provided by DALSA semiconductor with 5V power supply, this circuit uses relatively devices dimensions and low stages number to operate at low frequency. The new VCO combines three control methods to vary the(More)
This paper describes a low-noise, low-power and low-voltage analog front-end amplifier integrated in implantable electronic devices and dedicated to very low amplitude signal acquisition. Low noise and low DC offset are obtained by means of Chopper Stabilization (CHS) technique. In addition, due to adding a rail to rail input stage, low power supply (1.8V)(More)
A CMOS image sensor with pixel level analog to digital conversion is presented. Each 13.8µm x 13.8µm pixel area contains a photodiode and a dynamic comparator using the maximum voltage swing available (0V-1.8V). The comparator does not need any bias current and is insensitive to fabrication process variations. Also a digital to analog converter (DAC) is(More)
A system integration for High Voltage (HV) electrostatic MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) actuators is introduced on a micro-Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The system includes a programmable microcontroller, a programmable DC/DC converter, a multi output HV interface and electrostatic MEMS actuators. The system produces high output voltages (10-300V) and(More)
A new low-power level-up shifter circuit is presented. This circuit produces a digital output signal in the 0 – 300V range from a digital input signal in the 0 – 5V range. The proposed circuit reduces power through two key features: Dynamic charge control reduces the power dissipated in the level-up stage, and a " break before make " logic reduces the(More)
In this work, an improved dynamic threshold MOS (DTMOS) transistor with self-cascode subcircuit has been proposed in this work. By adopting the self-cascode subcircuit, the proposed DTMOS transistor could be operated at supply voltage over 0.7V. Apart from this, simulation results for the proposed DTMOS, also demonstrate improvement in the transconductance(More)
We present in this paper advanced mixed signal circuits and systems techniques dedicated for wireless multichannel cortical recording devices. These design techniques enable minimum power consumption aad integration area ai buiIding blocks, which make them well suited for implantable devices including a large number of channels. Also, to address the(More)
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