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There have been several strategies proposed to realise adiabatic circuits. Most of them require a clock signal and also its complement form. In this investigation, the authors we propose a family of adiabatic circuits, which consist of two branches and which enable control of charging and discharging of the capacitive load only by the input signal, work(More)
In this article, we propose a new logic style which is resistant to Differential Power Analysis (DPA) attacks as well as energy efficient, to provide security to devices like smart cards. The main drawback in the existing secure logic styles was the high power consumption which is reduced significantly by using adiabatic approach. Dual-rail logic is used to(More)
In this article, we proposed a Variable threshold MOSFET(VTMOS)approach which is realized from Dynamic Threshold MOSFET(DTMOS), suitable for sub-threshold digital circuit operation .Basically the principle of subthreshold logics is operating MOSFET in sub-threshold region and using the leakage current in that region for switching action, there by(More)
An energy efficient logic which is resistant to differential power analysis attacks is proposed in this paper. It is used to provide security to several encrypting devices like smart cards. The combination of dual-rail logic for security and adiabatic approach for low power, leads to the proposed energy efficient secure logic style. The advantage of the(More)
The energy dissipation in the logic circuits can be reduced by using adiabatic techniques. In this paper, we describe a technique for further reduction in energy dissipation in glitch free and cascadable adiabatic logic (GFCAL) circuits by using two complementary supply waveforms and single input signal. Measurements of energy drawn, energy recovered and(More)
This paper describes a single pole, double throw (SPDT) CMOS SOI switch in 180nm Technology developed for the GSM 900MHz RF switch applications. Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) CMOS FETs have many properties which are desirable for RF switch applications. By being manufactured on an insulator substrate, the bulk parasitic capacitances typical of CMOS FETs are(More)
The electric field strength between coplanar electrodes is calculated employing "conformal transformations." The electron multiplication factor is then computed in the nonuniform field region. These calculations have been made for different gap lengths, voltages, and also for different gases and gas pressures. The configuration results in a curved discharge(More)
This paper presents an electromagnetic wave propagation model of a human thorax and also an estimation of the propagation characteristics of the model for frequencies ranging from UHF to S-band. As the heart size varies in a cardiac cycle, the characteristic variation of the propagation parameters such as reflection coefficient, signal attenuation etc.,(More)