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Keywords: Two area power system Load frequency control PI controllers Fuzzy gain scheduling of PI controllers Bat inspired algorithm based dual mode gain scheduling of PI controllers Performance index a b s t r a c t This paper highlights the load frequency control using dual mode Bat algorithm based scheduling of PI controllers for interconnected power(More)
In the rapid development of internet technologies, search engines play a vital role in information retrieval. To provide efficient search engine to the user, Link Based Search Engine for information retrieval using K-Means clustering algorithm has been developed. The traditional search engines provide users with a set of non-classified web pages to their(More)
A Vehicular Ad hoc NETwork (VANET) is a type of mobile Peer-To-Peer wireless network that allows providing communication among nearby vehicles and between vehicles and nearby fixed roadside equipment. The lack of centralized infrastructure, high node mobility and increasing number of vehicles in VANETs result in several problems discussed in this paper,(More)
Vector Quantization (VQ) is one of the Lossy Image Compression Techniques. Vector Quantization is performed in three phases: 1.CodeBook Generation, 2.Image Encoding and 3.Image Decoding. In this paper, we have proposed a novel idea of incorporating the technique of Interpolation as part of the existing codebook generation technique to further reduce the(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are used in many data-intensive applications. Although, it faces the problem to send all the data sensed by the sensor nodes to the base station within an application's lifetime due to the limited power supplies. Several mobile nodes like data mules, robotics and mobile base station were used for minimizing energy(More)
Semantic Image Annotation is a difficult task in Annotation Based Image Retrieval (ABIR) systems. Several techniques proposed in the past were lagging in efficiency and robustness. In this paper we are proposing a novel technique for automatically annotating multi-object images with higher accuracy. The colour entropy is used to eliminate the image(More)
It is natural to represent an object by its parts and there has been strong evidence for part-based representations in human vision, Part-based representations allow for recognition that is robust in the presence of occlusion, movement, deletion, or growth of portions of an object. In the task of forming high-level object-centered models from low level(More)
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