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Vehicle type (make and model) recognition provides high level of security to the systems that are solely based on automatic license plate detection and recognition. Most of the work in this direction has been done in controlled conditions. In this paper we evaluate in an extensive experimental setting, the strength and weakness of various global and local(More)
— Electro Cardiogram (ECG) signals are affected by various kinds of noise and artifacts that may hide important information of interest. The information is extracted to gain insights that assist explanation and identification of diverse pathological conditions. This was traditionally done by an expert through visual inspection of ECGs. The complexity and(More)
His paper proposes a novel idea of using fuzzy logic for architectural and resource management aspects of the bandwidth broker. The scalability problem of bandwidth broker, being a centralised resource manager in a domain, can be solved by employing a distributed architecture. The decisions regarding the distributed architecture, namely, number and location(More)
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