M. Sarfraz

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— This work presents study and experimentation for object recognition when isolated objects are under discussion. The circumstances of similarity transformations, presence of noise, and occlusion have been included as the part of the study. For simplicity, instead of objects, outlines of the objects have been used for the whole process of the recognition.(More)
This paper proposes an optimization technique for the outline capture of planar images. This is inspired by a global optimization algorithm based on multilevel coordinate search (MCS). By starting a search from certain good points (initially detected corner points), an improved convergence result is obtained. The overall technique has various phases(More)
— Electro Cardiogram (ECG) signals are affected by various kinds of noise and artifacts that may hide important information of interest. The information is extracted to gain insights that assist explanation and identification of diverse pathological conditions. This was traditionally done by an expert through visual inspection of ECGs. The complexity and(More)
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