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This work presents study and experimentation for object recognition when isolated objects are under discussion. The circumstances of similarity transformations, presence of noise, and occlusion have been included as the part of the study. For simplicity, instead of objects, outlines of the objects have been used for the whole process of the recognition.(More)
Today, mammography is the best method for early detection of breast cancer. Radiologists failed to detect evident cancerous signs in approximately 20% of false negative mammograms. False negatives have been identified as the inability of the radiologist to detect the abnormalities due to several reasons such as poor image quality, image noise, or eye(More)
  • M. Sarfraz
  • 2008 3rd International Conference on Geometric…
  • 2008
A new spline method has been introduced. It is a generalization of the Ballpsilas cubic spline method and also serves as an affective alternate to the weighted Nu-splines. The generated spline curves have second order geometric continuity similar to those of weighted Nu-splines. In comparison with the existing techniques, the degree of the spline method is(More)
Nowadays, with the development of high quality graphical softwares, almost every presentation, in addition to text, contains some kind of images too. According to the presentation needs, different kinds of images are used by the presenters but different kinds of images needs different type of treatments which evolve the image categorization research. In our(More)
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