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A crime investigation is an official effort to uncover information about a crime. In recent years the number of crime cases has been on a rise. The traditional and age-old system of intelligence and criminal record maintenance has failed to live up to the requirements of the existing crime scenario. In this paper we propose a swift response system which can(More)
A network made of individuals connected based on their communication behaviour using mobile phones can be called as a Mobile Social Network. Mapping and measuring of interactions and flows between people across mobile social networks are being performed extensively in an attempt to understand the intriguing patterns of human behaviour. Such analyses can(More)
In the recent research area, the association rule mining is one of the popular technique in the domain of data mining. The association rule mining is first implemented in dyeing unit in my previous research papers. But already this association rule mining technique is used in the area of finance, healthcare, automobile and sales and distribution, etc. In(More)
Mobile Social Network Analysis is the mapping and measuring of interactions and flows between people, groups, and organizations based on the usage of their mobile communication services. Social Network Analysis and Mining has been highly influenced by the online social web sites, telecom consumer data and instant messaging systems, and has widely analyzed(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel idea for applying probabilistic graphical models for automatic text summarization task related to a legal domain. Identification of rhetorical roles present in the sentences of a legal document is the important text mining process involved in this task. A Conditional Random Field (CRF) is applied to segment a given legal(More)