M. Saquib Sarfraz

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Cross modal face matching between the thermal and visible spectrum is a much desired capability for night-time surveillance and security applications. Due to a very large modality gap, thermal-to-visible face recognition is one of the most challenging face matching problem. In this paper, we present an approach to bridge this modality gap by a significant(More)
Capturing outlines is a useful method for shape compression and digitization for computer storage and for subsequent computational efficiency. This work presents an optimal cubic Bezier curve design, which is particularly useful for capturing outlines of 2D shapes including hand-drawn shapes and fonts. The methodology, discussed in this paper differs from(More)
We propose an efficient real-time automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) framework, particularly designed to work on CCTV video footage obtained from cameras that are not dedicated to the use in ALPR. At present, in license plate detection, tracking and recognition are reasonably well-tackled problems with many successful commercial solutions being(More)
We present a robust front-end pose classification/estimation procedure to be used in face recognition scenarios. A novel discriminative feature description that encodes underlying shape well and is insensitive to illumination and other common variations in facial appearance, such as skin color etc., is proposed. Using such features we generate a pose(More)
Automatic vehicle type recognition (make and model) is very useful in secure access and traffic monitoring applications. It compliments the number plate recognition systems by providing a higher level of security against fraudulent use of number plates in traffic crimes. In this paper we present a simple but powerful probabilistic framework for vehicle type(More)