M. Santhosh Prabhu

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—Digital controllers sitting at the digital-analog boundary often react to specific analog events that can be modeled in terms of predicates over real variables. The specifications for such controllers are also naturally described in terms of similar events, and can be formally expressed with simple extensions of assertion languages. This paper studies the(More)
—Automata based scheduling is a recent technique for online scheduling of software control components in embedded systems. This paper studies one important aspect of automata based scheduling that has not been studied in the past, namely resilience to faults. The goal of the proposed technique is to create an automaton thats recommends the scheduling(More)
—There has been recent interest in automata-based scheduling for dynamic adaptation of schedules for embedded control software. Recently we have shown how automata-based scheduling can be extended to account for the possibility of faults in application of control. In this paper, we address the problem of automata-based scheduling when latencies are(More)
Model based frameworks like Simulink/Stateflow for developing software control algorithms advocate the analysis of an abstract discrete state model of the controller before developing the actual code for the implementation. Though some of the existing tools support automatic code generation from the model, in actual practice the code is developed manually(More)
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