M. Samsoen

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HLA-A, B, C and Bf typing was performed in 55 cases of Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE). When both the sex and age of the patient at the onset of the disease were taken into consideration (group I under 40 years, group II over 40), the following increases in antigen frequency were observed: group I: A2 in women, B5, A10 in men; group II: Aw19.2 in women,(More)
Although sodium bicarbonate—NaHCO3 (SB) has many domestic and medical, traditional and empirical uses, only little scientific documentation of its activity is available. The aims of this study were to investigate the antifungal activity of SB on the three fungal groups (yeasts, dermatophytes and molds) responsible for human skin and nail infections. We(More)
Fungal infections of the feet are very common in some professions. This has been particularly studied in coal mine workers up to 50 p. 100 of whom were found to have dermatophytosis of the feet. The purpose of this study was to determine the clinical, epidemiological and evolutive characteristics of interdigital and plantar intertrigo of the feet among(More)
Two cases of lymphoedema of penis and scrotum are reported: lymphanogiography is useful to distinguish between primary or secondary lymphoedema. In the first case, this is a primary tarda lymphoedema of penis and scrotum with hypoplastic lymphatics of the right leg. In the second case the lymphoedema follows repeated infection and paraphimosis. This(More)