M. Samiruzzaman

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This paper deals with the circular pattern matching (CPM) problem, which appears as an interesting problem in many biological contexts. CPM consists in finding all occurrences of the rotations of a pattern 𝒫 of length m in a text 𝒯 of length n. In this paper, we present SimpLiFiCPM (pronounced "Simplify CPM"), a simple and lightweight filter-based… (More)
Steganography is the science of hiding data within data. Either for the good purpose of secret communication or for the bad intention of leaking sensitive confidential data or embedding malicious code or URL. However, many different carrier file formats can be used to hide these data (network, audio, image..etc) but the most common steganography carrier is… (More)
Providing a global understanding of privacy is crucial, because everything is connected. Nowadays companies are providing their customers with more services that will give them more access to their data and daily activity; electricity companies are marketing the new smart meters as a new service with great benefit to reduce the electricity usage by… (More)
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