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Maternal mortality has been falling significantly in Cambodia since 2005 though it had been stagnant for at least 15 years before that. This paper analyzes the evolution of some major societal and health system factors based on recent national and international reports. The maternal mortality ratio fell from 472 per 100,000 live births in 2000-2005 to 206(More)
Association rule mining (ARM) is an emerging research in data mining. It extracts interesting association or correlation relationship in the large volume of transactions. Apriori based algorithms have two steps. First step is to find the frequent item set from the transactions. Second step is to construct the association rule. If ARM applied with medical(More)
Data mining extracts novel and useful knowledge from large repositories of data and has become an effective analysis and decision means in corporation In many information processing tasks, labels are usually expensive and the unlabeled data points are abundant. To reduce the cost on collecting labels, it is crucial to predict which unlabeled examples are(More)
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