M. Salih Mamis

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In this paper, a distributed-parameter state variable approach is used to calculate transients on transmission lines based on the concept of travelling waves. The method of characteristics for lossless line is used and the state equations are derived for the system. These equations are converted to a set of difference equations using the trapezoidal rule of(More)
Nowadays sustainability and quality of energy have gained more importance. Power outages due to failures particularly cause interruption of production at industrial facilities may lead to loss of manpower and resources. One of the major causes of power outages in the power system is the short-circuit faults occurring in transmission lines. The most(More)
Importance of supplying qualified and undisturbed electricity is increasing day by day. Therefore, detecting fault, fault type and fault location is a major issue in power transmission system in order to prevent power delivery system security. In previous studies, we observed that faults can be easily determined by extreme learning machine (ELM) and the aim(More)
Harmonics has become more significant issue due to the increasing of utilization of the non-linear loads and switching elements such as inverter on the power system recently. Harmonics disrupts the shape of the current and voltage signals in power systems and leads to many problems in power systems. It has made harmonic analysis necessary on the power(More)
In this paper, state-space method is applied to compute transients in power transmission lines by considering corona effects. Transmission line is modeled by lumped parameter identical sections to simulate the distribution nature of the line and nonlinear corona branches are combined with these sections. The whole system is composed of RLC elements, sources(More)
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