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Diabetes mellitus is a heterogeneous, multifactorial, chronic disease characterized by hyperglycemia owing to insulin insufficiency and insulin resistance (IR). Recent epidemiological studies showed that the diabetes epidemic affects 382 million people worldwide in 2013, and this figure is expected to be 600 million people by 2035. Diabetes is associated(More)
Every day thousands of malware are released online. The vast majority of these malware employ some kind of obfuscation ranging from simple XOR encryption, to more sophisticated anti-analysis, packing and encryption techniques. Dynamic analysis methods can unpack the file and reveal its hidden code. However, these methods are very time consuming when(More)
The effect of in-utero environment on fetal health and survival is long-lasting, and this is known as the fetal origin hypothesis. The oxidative stress state during gestation could play a pivotal role in fetal programming and development of diseases such as diabetes. In this study, we investigated the effect of intra-uterine obesity and malnutrition on(More)
Transgenerational inheritance of various diseases and phenotypes has been demonstrated in diverse species and involves various epigenetic markers. Obesity and malnourishment are nutritional stresses that have effects on offspring through increasing their risk of diabetes and/or obesity. Obesity and malnourishment both affect glucose metabolism and alter(More)
Let M be a compact connected m-dimensional manifold. We denote by Diff(M) the space of all C1-diffeomorphisms from M to itself endowed with C1-topology. For a collection of diffeomorphisms L = {f1, . . . , fn} ⊂ Diff(M), the iterated function system (abbrivately IFS) G(M ; f1, . . . , fn) on M generated by L is given by iterates fi1o · · · ofik with ij ∈(More)
The hypothesis of fetal origins of adult disease states that early life events program the occurrence of significant adult diseases, including diabetes and obesity. Maternal diabetes is associated with general stress environment for developing fetus, and gestational diabetes is an independent risk factor for type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome in(More)