M. Salarian

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In this paper a new fractal image compression algorithm is proposed in which the time of encoding process is considerably reduced. The algorithm exploits a domain pool reduction approach, along with using innovative predefined values for contrast scaling factor, S, instead of scanning the parameter space [0,1]. Within this approach only domain blocks with(More)
An important issue that absorbs many attentions is studying the users’ required information and their pattern of dynamic interaction with online search. The aim of this study is to identify the relationship between users’ cognitive style and information seeking. It is to enhance the quality of information presentation and users’ interactions in the Web by(More)
Crying is the first way through which infants communicate with others. Various cries of infants have different meanings and origins, such as hunger, pain, etc. Therefore, the analysis of infant cries could help adults to earlier understand its needs, and diagnose its diseases. For this purpose, this paper uses the type-2 fuzzy pattern matching as a method(More)
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