M. Sakthivadivel

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The acetone fraction of the petroleum ether extract of seeds from Argemone mexicana L. exhibited larvicidal and growth inhibiting activity against the second instar larvae of Aedes aegypti (Linn). This activity occurred at higher concentrations (200, 100, 50 and 25 ppm). Chemosterilant activity, including reduction in blood meal utilization (27.70%),(More)
A successful attempt of using sodium salt of a water- insoluble larvicide, as an alternative to the use of solutions of such larvicides in acetone and water, for the larvicidal studies is made, in the present study biochanin - A an isoflavone isolated from the flowers of Dalbergia sissoides (grah) when assessed for larvicidal study as its sodium salt on the(More)
Intrusion Detection is the powerful tool to protect the networks and system from attacks. Intrusion detection system is divided into host based intrusion detection system and network based intrusion detection system. Network based intrusion system are primarily used to detect the unwanted and abnormal behavior activates in the network. Host based intrusion(More)
-The conservation of milk is of major concern in developing countries like India, due to the lack of supply at many household in rural and Industrial areas. In existing system a collection vehicle is assigned for each group of areas. If the vehicle fails to arrive at a particular destination at correct time the milk gets spoiled and becomes useless. The(More)
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