M. Sajid

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In this article, the flow problem in a thin liquid film of second grade fluid over an unsteady stretching surface is investigated. By means of suitable transformations, the governing nonlinear partial differential equation has been reduced to the nonlinear ordinary differential equation. The developed nonlinear equation is solved analytically by using the(More)
The steady flow of a third grade fluid past a horizontal porous plate with partial slip is investigated. The arising non-linear problem is solved numerically using a finite element method. The results of no-slip and slip conditions are presented graphically and the effects of fluid parameters, suction velocity and slip parameter have been discussed.(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is an emerging field for researchers in the current decade. For obtaining longevity of network lifetime, and reducing energy consumption, energy efficient routing protocol play a vital role. In this paper, we present a scalable and energy efficient routing protocol, A New Linear Cluster Handling (LCH) Technique Towards Energy(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are expected to have wide applicability in the near future. In this paper, we propose (LEACH)<sup>2</sup>: Linearly Enhanced Approach for cluster handling improving the conventional protocol LEACH (Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy) in WSNs. We divide the network area into four regions and study the network performance(More)