M. Saif Islam

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We demonstrate an effective method for depositing smooth silver (Ag) films on SiO(2)/Si(100) substrates using a thin seed layer of evaporated germanium (Ge). The deposited Ag films exhibit smaller root-mean-square surface roughness, narrower peak-to-valley surface topological height distribution, smaller grain-size distribution, and smaller sheet resistance(More)
We demonstrate a smooth and low loss silver ͑Ag͒ optical superlens capable of resolving features at 1 / 12 th of the illumination wavelength with high fidelity. This is made possible by utilizing state-of-the-art nanoimprint technology and intermediate wetting layer of germanium ͑Ge͒ for the growth of flat silver films with surface roughness at subnanometer(More)
Laterally oriented single-crystal silicon nanowires are epitaxially grown between highly doped vertically oriented silicon electrodes in the form of nanobridges. Resistance values extracted from the current-voltage measurements for a large number of nanobridges with varying lengths and diameters are used to propose a model which highlights the relative(More)
We report simultaneous lateral growth of a high density of highly oriented, metal-catalyzed silicon nanowires on a patterned silicon substrate and bridging of nanowires between two vertical silicon sidewalls, which can be developed into electrodes of an electronic device. After angled deposition of catalytic metal nanoparticles on one of two opposing(More)
Several hundred million volts per centimetre of electric-field strength are required to field-ionize gas species. Such fields are produced on sharp metallic tips under a bias of a few kilovolts. Here, we show that field ionization is possible at dramatically lower fields on semiconductor nanomaterials containing surface states, particularly with(More)
Well-aligned single crystalline ZnO nanobridges have been synthesized selectively across the prefabricated electrodes on silicon substrates by a single-step thermal evaporation method without using any metal catalysts or a predeposited ZnO seed layer that was a prerequisite for such synthesis. The growth region was self-defined by the anisotropic surface of(More)
—We report on the first demonstration of velocity matched distributed photodetectors and balanced pho-todetectors with p-in photodetectors. Record-high linear dc photocurrent of 45 mA has been achieved without suffering from thermal damage, thanks to the superior power handling capability of p-in photodiodes. A novel fiber alignment technique has been(More)
—A distributed balanced photodetector with high saturation photocurrent and excellent linearity has been experimentally demonstrated. The maximum linear direct current (dc) photocur-rent of 33 mA per branch is equivalent to 66mA in single-ended photodetectors. A setup for investigating the alternating current (ac) linearity of the receiver is proposed and(More)
We demonstrate an all-dielectric quantum electrodynamical nanowire-slab system with a single emitter that concentrates the extremely intense light at the scale of 10 × 75 nm(2). The quantum dot exhibits a record high 31-fold spontaneous decay rate enhancement, its optical saturation and blinking are strongly suppressed, and 80% of emission couples into a(More)