M. Saied Abdel-Wahab

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Sign Language Recognition (SLR) is the most structured field in gesture recognition applications, such that each gesture has assigned a well-defined meaning. SLR can be defined as a translation system, which translates the signs, performed by deaf and dump people to the natural language. The proposed system aims to recognize Arabic sign language (ASL) and(More)
— The aim of this work is to obtain an empirical simple equation to estimate the global horizontal solar radiation (GHSR) as a function of the latitude only. Therefore three empirical models proposed to estimate the GHSR using 17 different locations across Iraq. The models formulated as: Quadratic, 2nd Fourier and 2nd Gaussian expression. The simply input(More)
In this paper, a proposed algorithm for surface reconstruction from uniform or non-uniform point sets is introduced. The points are typically acquired with multiple range scans of any 3D object. The proposed algorithm follows the advancing front paradigm to build the reconstructed surface employing a variable radius moving ball that expands and shrinks(More)
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