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1* Introduction* There have been several extensions of known fixed point theorems for multivalued mappings which take each point of a metric space (X, d) into a closed subset K of X. However, in many applications, the mapping involved is not a self-mapping of K. Assad and Kirk [1] gave sufficient conditions for such mappings to have a fixed point by proving(More)
AIMS To investigate whether two methods of assessing lower urinary tract symptoms, interview-assisted standardized questionnaires, and self-completed standardized questionnaires, were comparable. METHODS Women referred to a tertiary urogynecology urodynamic clinic with lower urinary tract symptoms were recruited. The psychometrically robust Bristol Female(More)
Some generalizations of Bailey's theorem involving the product of two Kummer functions 1 F 1 are obtained by using Watson's theorem and Srivastava's identities. Its special cases yield various new transformations and reduction formulae involving Pathan's quadruple hypergeometric functions F (4) p , Srivastava's triple and quadruple hypergeometric functions(More)
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