M. Sabbir Rahman

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E-commerce has tremendous potential for creating business opportunities, tourism as information intensive industry can gain important synergies from the use of e-commerce. Small and medium sized tourism enterprises should take advantage of the e-commerce and refocus their business strategies to maintain their competitiveness in order to avoid being(More)
Energy efficiency for smart home applications is proposed using urban sensing data with machine learning techniques. We exploit Internet of Things (IoTs) enabled environmental and energy panel sensor data, smart home sensing data and opportunistic crowd-sourced data for energy efficient applications in a smart urban home. We present some applications where(More)
In recent time climate change and its impact on human health and awareness constitute a set of complex and serious consequences to be tackled by an individual country. Climate change is not merely an environmental issue, but also it is a threat that goes beyond national borders. The purpose of this study is to identify the awareness and the impact of(More)
The purpose of this conceptual paper is to discuss four main different tools which are: mobile marketing, E-mail marketing, web marketing and marketing through social networking sites, which use to distribute e-marketing promotion and understanding their different influence on consumers` perception. This study also highlighted the E-marketing, marketing(More)
The purpose of this paper is to find out the determinants that are significantly influencing telecom customer’s perception in Bangladesh. The study surveyed 450 telecom customers in Bangladesh from Dhaka city to determine the key influential factors that significantly influence on their perception. The data analyses were conducted by exploratory factor(More)
This research looks at consumer preference concerning shopping day and time within the Malaysian market. There are five main hypermarket players in Malaysia. The analysis of this research is based on cross-tabulation analysis between the hypermarket players and the preferred shopping day and time. Data were collected from hypermarket consumers throughout(More)
We propose context sensing as features for improved accuracy in classifications in our ongoing research. In many applications, features extracted from purposed sensors may not be enough for classification tasks accurately. Context features can help to discriminate classes in such cases. To address the problem, we first present how context can be used as(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this paper is to examine the five-factor structure of patients' satisfaction constructs toward private healthcare service providers. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH This research is a cross-sectional study. A questionnaire-based survey was conducted with previous and current Bangladeshi patients. Exploratory factor analysis was employed(More)
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