M. Saadeq Rafieee

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This paper proposes a new model for a noise-robust Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) based on parallel branch Hidden Markov Model (HMM) structure with a novel approach for robust speech recognition. Automatic Speech Recognition applications such as voice command and control, audio indexing, speech-to-speech translation, do not usually work well in noisy(More)
There have been a great deal of discussions throughout the past few years over whether or not Text-to-Speech (TTS) machines can synthesize natural synthetic speech from texts. Aiming to address this need, in this paper we have considered some significant viewpoints of Spoken Language Processing (SLP) on the phonetic transcription of each word for the(More)
There are many social issues in Iran which affect citizens on multiple levels that government e-services attempt to address. However, these services could be improved. This paper addresses this need by proposing the Iranian citizen’s satisfaction Indexes for using e-government services. It proposes a comprehensive satisfaction index to evaluate the(More)
This paper is proposed for an explicit synthetic speech on LPC speech synthesis by discovering a novel parameter for speech enhancement. We present the NSSA(Natural Synthetic Speech Approach) to converge the same input utterances by different speakers to a new common parameter. The analysis of phonemes is beingused in order to make a much more natural and(More)
This paper proposes a novel algorithm and hardware architecture for an embedded stereo vision system which is appropriate for robotics applications. In this paper we distributed this process to three re-programmable processor unit as pre-processing, post-processing and stereo matching. In order to accomplish with on two Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) for(More)
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