M. S. Zakynthinaki

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OBJECTIVE We have studied the effect of moderate physical activity that is performed by healthy women during their entire pregnancy on their perception of health status. STUDY DESIGN Eighty sedentary women were assigned randomly to either an exercise group (n = 40) or a control group (n = 40). Maternal perception of health status and several pregnancy(More)
OBJECTIVE We examined the effect of light-intensity resistance exercise training that is performed during the second and third trimester of pregnancy by previously sedentary and healthy women on the type of delivery and on the dilation, expulsion, and childbirth time. STUDY DESIGN We randomly assigned 160 sedentary women to either a training (n=80) or a(More)
We present a new model of the underlying dynamics of the oxygen uptake VO2(v,t) kinetics for various exercise intensities. This model is in the form of a set of nonlinear coupled vector fields for the VO2(v,t) and v, the derivative of the exercise intensity with respect to time. We also present a new and novel means for calculating the oxygen demand,(More)
In this paper, we present an application of a number of tools and concepts for modeling and analyzing raw, unaveraged, and unedited breath-by-breath oxygen uptake data. A method for calculating anaerobic capacity is used together with a model, in the form of a set of coupled nonlinear ordinary differential equations to make predictions of the VO(2)(More)
We present a method of modeling the basin of attraction as a three-dimensional function describing a two-dimensional manifold on which the dynamics of the system evolves from experimental time series data. Our method is based on the density of the data set and uses numerical optimization and data modeling tools. We also show how to obtain analytic curves(More)