M. S. Sunar

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Unsupervised segmentation of action segments in egocentric videos is a desirable feature in tasks such as activity recognition and content-based video retrieval. Reducing the search space into a finite set of action segments facilitates a faster and less noisy matching. However, there exist a substantial gap in machine’s understanding of natural temporal(More)
Nowadays we can see that avatar expresses their emotional expressions only by using facial animation, gesture and voice. In this research, we present an avatar in a creative way that can attract user attention while they play game and use computer. Human representations like virtual Assistants or virtual humans in the virtual environment are considered as(More)
Urban simulation research has become important recently as researchers in computer graphics been motivated to visualised urban environment area in real time simulation. One of urban simulation elements that need to be considered is detecting object interference between static hard objects. Detecting object interference is essential in many three-dimensional(More)
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