M. S. Sridhar

P. I. Priyadarshini1
Vimal Upreti1
U. Kiran1
1P. I. Priyadarshini
1Vimal Upreti
1U. Kiran
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Thyroid carcinoma is a rare cause of compressive myelopathy. Quadriparesis as the presenting manifestation of follicular carcinoma of thyroid without any preceding features of malignancy is quite uncommon. We describe a case of a 55-year-old woman who presented with progressive quadriparesis of 2 months duration, on evaluation was found to have a large(More)
Gloriosa superba is a plant that grows wild in several parts of South India. Tubers of this plant contain several alkaloids. Acute intoxication following the ingestion of G. superba results in gastrointestinal and haematological abnormalities, hepatic and renal insufficiency, cardiotoxicity and hair loss. We present a case with typical features of G superba(More)
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