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A voxel based investigation of cerebral blood flow was conducted to identify brain functional differences during resting state between children with developmental language disorder (DLD) and normal controls. Using DSM–IV criteria, we selected 21 children with DLD.All children were examined by technetium–99m–HMPAO Brain SPECT. Using SPM analyses, we compared(More)
Large experiments and high-performance computer models generate many petabytes of data. While Cloud Computing systems may meet the needs for analyzing these petabytes by harnessing the computing power of many distributed computers, the key challenge in effectively utilizing such a distributed system is the data management process, including storage,(More)
We identify two categories of reconstructions occurring on wurtzite GaN surfaces, the first associated with the N-face, (000 ), and the second associated with the Ga-face, (0001). Not only do these two categories of reconstructions have completely different symmetries, but they also have different temperature dependence. It is thus demonstrated that surface(More)
Reconstructions of GaN(0001) and (000 ) surfaces are studied by scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy, by electron diffraction, by auger electron spectroscopy, and using first-principles theory. Attention is focused on Ga-rich reconstructions for each surface, which are found to have metallic character involving significant overlap between Ga(More)
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