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– Reliable effort estimation remains an ongoing challenge to software engineers. Accurate effort estimation is the state of art of software engineering, effort estimation of software is the preliminary phase between the client and the business enterprise. The relationship between the client and the business enterprise begins with the estimation of the(More)
Technology has eroded the learning strategy from beneath the apple tree to learn any where at any time. The learners do not have to travel for acquiring knowledge through e-learning. Learning is the ability of the learner to enhance his character and behavior. One of the most important roles of the information and communication technology is to provide(More)
In the e-age, internet and e-affairs are the composite blend of business process and technology; the organization must retain the state of computing system or risk malicious assaults. Business partners want to know that the business did enough to protect the information goods. The Web Service is the perfect blue print for the agile business environment due(More)
Named entities are important elements in Cross Language Information Retrieval (CLIR) system for locating relevant documents. For translating named entities, compression word format model was designed in the literature, particularly on person names. This model only maps the given source name with the target name stored in the database but it does not(More)
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