M. S. R. Rocchetti

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For most compute environments, adaptive forward differencing is much more efficient when performed using integer arithmetic than when using floating point. Previously low precision integer methods suffered from serious precision problems due to the error accumulation inherent to forward differencing techniques. This paper proposes several different(More)
A versatile method is presented for generating synthetic hormonal time series, containing peaks at known locations, to be used to objectively evaluate both the false-negative (F-) and false-positive (F+) statistical error rates of computerized pulse-detection algorithms. Synthetic data are generated by assuming hormone secretion to occur as a succession of(More)
The preclinical development of antitumor drugs would greatly benefit from the availability of models capable of predicting tumor growth as a function of the drug administration schedule. For being of practical use such models should be simple enough to be identifiable from standard experiments conducted on animals. In the present paper, a simple(More)
Several statistical and empirical approaches have been proposed to select the multiexponential equation that best describes the time course of the plasma concentration of a drug. Recently, a new criterion (Ip) has been proposed according to which the model that best interprets a set of experimental data points is the one with the smallest area between the(More)
This paper deals with the development of a PID control architecture for better utilization of the storage battery connected to a PhotoVoltaic (PV) Plant. The problem of the stochastic nature of the PV plant is overcomed scheduling the power feeding of the electric line. A neural network is used to derive the one-day-forecast of the PV production and a(More)
In this paper, a new nonparametric method for testing the difference between two groups of time series is considered. A difference index between the two groups, based on the mathematical notion of norm, is introduced. Then, the statistical significance of the observed difference is assessed by means of a randomization procedure. The percentages of alpha and(More)
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