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In recent years, the accurate computer aided diagnosis of the cardiovascular diseases is gaining momentum. In addition to accuracy, non-invasiveness of the measurement techniques has become the need of the hour. Impedance cardiography is one such method which has become a synonym for indirect assessment of monitoring the stroke volume, cardiac output and(More)
Allopurinol is a purine analogue that inhibits xanthine oxidase. It is mainly used for the treatment of hyperuricemia in patients with gout or tumor lysis syndrome. Experience with allopurinol in pregnancy is scarce. In 2011, Kozenko et al. reported on a child with multiple malformations after maternal treatment with allopurinol throughout pregnancy.(More)
— Ionosphere plays major role in high frequency communication. It reflects back the incident waves for particular condition. So, the study of its internal configuration is important. This study is carried out with the help of ionosonde. Ionosonde is the instrument which is used for the measurement of electron density against height. It uses principles of(More)
Most of the ultrasonic distance measurements are based on the determination of the Time of flight. Digital signal processing techniques for obtaining high accuracy in ultrasonic distance measurements are presented in this paper. The proposed method employs a Wavelet transform to extract the envelope of the reflected pulse echo, together with a(More)
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