M . S . P . H . Adrienne Gilbert

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A Study of the sex-typed self-descriptions of subjects from five grade/age levels (kindergarten through early college) addressed whether (a) levels of sex typing change developmentally, and (b) the attributes on which individuals are most strongly sex typed change with age. Subjects were asked to rate themselves on 24 sex-relevant attributes, including(More)
Two forms of short-term group therapy for depressed adolescents are compared. Adolescents were assigned to either a social skills training or therapeutic support group. Treatment outcome was based on self-report and semistructured clinical interviews for depression, measures of self-concept, and cognitive distortions. After treatment, adolescents in the(More)
We investigated the ability of a measure of self-image, two measures of depression, and demographic characteristics to predict the outcome of depressive symptoms. Subjects were 47 adolescents who were referred to outpatient treatment for depression. Subjects were assessed for depressive symptoms at three time periods. Self-image as measured by the Offer(More)
Attempts to determine the characteristics of those individuals who drop out from psychotherapy have yielded few consistent findings. Clinically depressed adolescents who completed a course of brief group therapy were compared with those who failed to complete treatment. Although no differences were found on a number of clinical and demographic variables,(More)
A selected review of the literature about short-term therapy and social skills as they may apply to depressed adolescents is presented. Two forms of group therapy are described. These are social skills and a traditional discussion group format. Some of the difficulties in establishing and evaluating a group therapy program are outlined.
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