M. S. McCorquodale

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A monolithic and self-referenced radio frequency (RF) LC clock generator that is compliant with USB 2.0 is demonstrated in a system-on-chip (SoC). This work presents the first successful approach to replacing an external crystal (XTAL), the crystal oscillator (XO) and the phase-locked loop for clock generation in an IC supporting USB 2.0 using a standard(More)
A monolithic and unpackaged silicon die is presented as a frequency source suitable for quartz crystal resonator (XTAL) and oscillator (XO) replacement. The frequency source is referenced to a free-running, frequency-trimmed and temperature-compensated 3GHz RF LC oscillator. A programmable divider array enables the device to provide frequencies ranging from(More)
Self-referenced, trimmed and temperature-compensated radio frequency (RF) CMOS LC, or harmonic oscillators (CHOs) are presented as high-accuracy and low-jitter monolithic frequency generators. CHOs are discussed within the context of recent efforts toward replacement of piezoelectric frequency references with silicon MEMS technology. In contrast, CHOs are(More)
Student researchers face daunting challenges when attempting to take a developed technology and use it as the foundation for an emerging enterprise. Engineering students typically lack an overall understanding of the commercialization process associated with academic research. Moreover, the resources required by the student span several disciplines(More)
Efficient modeling techniques are required to accelerate design space exploration for integrated spiral inductors. In this letter, closed-form modeling techniques for the inductor's physical inductance and substrate eddy currents are introduced. The model provides several orders of magnitude performance improvement over field-solver-based approaches with(More)
A low-power monolithic clock synthesizer suitable for use in mobile /spl mu/P platforms is presented. Clock synthesis is accomplished using an all-Si RF LC reference oscillator that does not require an external frequency reference. Fabricated in 0.18/spl mu/m CMOS, the developed clock synthesizer demonstrates /spl plusmn/1% frequency accuracy over process,(More)
A generalized parallel plate radio frequency microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) varactor is presented and studied. Its application in an RF oscillator is described and the nonlinear relationship between tuning voltage and realized output frequency is derived. A low power CMOS integrated circuit is proposed to linearize the response. The circuit consumes(More)
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