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In this paper, we propose a design algorithm for an optimal supervisor for guaranteeing the trimness of the controlled system. We generalize the earlier work of Kumar and Grag based on the induced Xow network of a given discrete event system. SpeciWcally, the proposed algorithm is directly applicable to a discrete event system and minimizes the net cost of(More)
We report three autopsy cases of congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection in fetuses with a review of literature. The clinical manifestations in these cases of congenital CMV infection include intrauterine fetal death, hydrops fetalis, and CMV pneumonia associated with cardiovascular defect. The pathological characteristics were as follows: 1) the kidney(More)
In this paper, we formulate the optimal supervisory control problem (OSCP) under partial observation and propose an algorithm to design the optimal nonblocking supervisor (ONS). In addition, we introduce an extended net cost including the observation cost of the events which is taken into account for the cost of setting up a mechanism to sense the events(More)
The problem of estimating information symbols transmitted through nonGaussian multipath CDMA wireless channels with a phased array is considered. First, we propose a new robust estimator based on the Huber's minimax robust estimation theory. A strong advantage of the proposed robust algorithm is a decreased sensitivity of the estimates with respect to an(More)
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