M.S. Kakkasageri

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Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANETS) are self-organizing communities of wheeled mobile units consisting of large numbers of trucks, cars, buses and a small number of static infrastructure nodes such as traffic signals, highway rail grade crossings, and informational signage within radio communication range to each other. VANET is a promising approach for(More)
Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANETs) are promising approach for facilitating road safety, traffic management,and infotainment dissemination for drivers and passengers.However, it is subject to various malicious abuses and security attacks which hinder it from practical implementation.Effective and robust solutions for addressing security and privacy issues(More)
The critical period in cellular communication is the handoff execution, since data and connection may be lost if enough bandwidth is not available in the target cell. Thus cellular wireless networks require an efficient handoff management scheme to cope up with frequent mobile node handoffs, connection breaks and rerouting. This position paper proposes a(More)
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