M. S. Jyothilakshmi

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CONTEXT The incidence of dermatophytosis has risen dramatically in recent years. Limited availability of side-effect free drugs has led to a search for new antidermatophytic agents. OBJECTIVE The objective was to investigate antidermatophytic activity and in vitro anti-inflammatory activity (protease inhibition assay) of whole plant (aerial parts only) of(More)
Domain ontology formally represents knowledge as a set of concepts within a domain, and the relationships among those concepts. This paper proposes a method to generate class diagram from functional requirement specification which is written in natural language by using Domain ontology and Natural language processing techniques. Major steps in this method(More)
CONTEXT Due to increase in the number of patients with impaired immunity, incidence of dermatophytoses has increased considerably. Antidermatophytic agents with anti-inflammatory and protease-inhibiting activities will help in restricting inflammatory response associated with dermatophytoses. AIMS The present study aims to evaluate antidermatophytic and(More)
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