M S Jacobson

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Two populations of immigrants to London and to the West Indies from the Indian subcontinent have higher than expected morbidity and mortality from atherosclerosis but do not show the commonly accepted major risk factors. This study investigated the hypothesis that ghee, a clarified butter product prized in Indian cooking, contains cholesterol oxides and(More)
Preprints submitted for publication 231. To catch a falling robber with W.B. Kinnersley and P. Pra lat) 230. Strongly connectable digraphs and non-transitive dice (with S. Joyce, A. Schaefer, and T. Zaslavsky) 229. Online paintability: The slow-coloring game (with T. Mahoney and G.J. Puleo) 228. Uniquely t-cycle saturated graphs (with P.S. Wenger) 227.(More)
Given a graph G (V, E) a labeling ¶: VÈE®{1, 2… k} is called an edge irregular total k-labeling if for every pair of distinct edges uv and xy, ¶(u) + ¶(uv) + ¶(v) ¹ ¶(x) + ¶(xy) + ¶(y). The minimum k for which G has an edge irregular total k-labeling is called the total edge irregularity strength of G. In this paper we examine the butterfly network which is(More)
We prove that any cycle Cn, n ≥ 4, with list assignment L, has a k-fold list coloring from the given lists if (i) each list contains at least 2k colors and (ii) Cn and L satisfy Hall's condition for k-fold list colorings. Further, 2k in (i) cannot be replaced by 2k − 1 if either n is odd, or n is even and n ≥ k + 2. In other words, if n ≥ 4, the k-fold Hall(More)
A connected graph G is said to be F-good if the Ramsey number r(F, G) is equal to (x(F)-l)(p(G)-1) + s(F), where s(F) is the minimum number of vertices in some color class under all vertex colorings by x(F) colors. It is of interest to know which graphs F have the property that all trees are F-good. It is shown that any large tree is K(1, 1, NIP, m2,. ,(More)
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